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i need to know if it's real.

is this real?

A Lex and Lois Shipping Community
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Fanfics, Icons, Manips, etc


This is a community based soley on Lex Luthor and Lois Lane in general. This includes the television series Smallville, DC Comics, Superman Cartoon, Superman Television shows, and the Superman films. Although the community has been strongly inspired by Smallville we welcome Lexis in any version.

You are welcome to post picspams, fanfics, fanvids, video clips, icons, manips, and other graphic art that is based upon Lexis. Pretty much we approve anything that involves the two. We also accept other shipper names for Lex and Lois including: Loix and Lexois. Which ever you prefer to call them, they sound good together either way. There really is no wrong way. ;D

So if you love Lex and Lois together and want to meet and chat with other people who enjoy them together as well this community is the perfect place!!! :D

Since we're brand new we would love it if everyone could promote this community like crazy! Promo Banners Here

• We do NOT allow any form of bashing of any kind what-so-ever! Especially towards other ships.
• If your Images are too large please place them under an LJ-Cut. That also goes for large batches of icons and long written fanfics.
• Warning: We do approve of some explicit material. Just be aware that there may be fanfics and manips that are +18. And if you do post certain material that is +18 please place them under an LJ-Cut with a warning.
• Have fun!!! Enjoy yourself!



Would you like to affiliate with us? We also welcome other SV/Superman Shipper Communities as affiliates too. Please comment here. :)

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